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A brief overview of excavator olecranon shears

Published by HuiTong 2023-12-20

Excavator olecranon shears are heavy-duty hydraulic shears, large oil cylinders, installed on excavators, used for dismantling scrap cars, demolition of steel structures in workshops, demolition of ships, cutting steel bars, steel, tanks, pipes and other scrap steel. The scissors are suitable for different operations, including the demolition of steel structures, the processing of scrap steel and other applications. They can cut iron materials, steel, tanks, pipes, etc.


excavator olecranon shears


The unique design and innovative method of the excavator olecranon shears ensure efficient operation and strong cutting force, and the performance is 15% higher than that of ordinary hydraulic shears. Flexible use in any occasion, fast and efficient.


The excavator olecranon shears, also known as hydraulic shears, belong to the excavator demolition attachment and are installed at the front end of the excavator. Named for its resemblance to an eagle's mouth, it can grab and disintegrate targets accurately and quickly. The knife edge is designed with a clamping groove, and the clamping force is strong, which is convenient for any angle interchange design when clamping irregular materials. If you need high-quality olecranon scissors, you can contact the public account Zhizao Daguan. It adopts new design and machining, heat treatment and surface treatment processes, and uses high-strength steel and aviation high-strength aluminum alloy materials. Maximum strength and best wear resistance of the tool.


excavator olecranon shears


The olecranon scissors are one of the best demolition rescue tool products, with a heavy-duty pivot design, strong structure and long-term wear resistance, high strength of the knife seat. The olecranon improves productivity through its jaw size and special blade design, which allows for quick and easy blade replacement, which reduces mechanical downtime and optimizes productivity. The powerful hydraulic cylinder of the excavator olecranon shears greatly strengthens the closing force of the jaw, so that it can cut hard steel.