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Brief introduction of hydraulic pulverizer for construction demolition

Published by HuiTong 2023-12-20

The hydraulic pulverizer is composed of a pliers body, a hydraulic cylinder, a movable jaw and a fixed jaw. The oil pressure is provided by the excavator pipeline, so that the movable jaw and the fixed jaw of the hydraulic pulverizer can be combined together to achieve the effect of crushing objects. In demolition projects, it is necessary to crush reinforced concrete blocks, recycle steel bars, and make the pieces easier to load and transport. Compared with breakers, crushing tongs are more efficient and simple to operate, requiring only one driver to operate, saving labor The high cost of crushing increases efficiency.


Hydraulic pulverizer


Hydraulic pulverizer are one of the best demolition tool products with strong reliability. The pliers body adopts an optimized design, so that the structure is reasonable, compact and reliable. It adopts new design and machining, heat treatment and surface treatment technology, and uses high-strength steel alloy material, which has high strength, large strength, small size, light weight and high quality. Small size, easy to use, no noise, no vibration, no dust, high efficiency, and suitable for construction in narrow sites. Match the pin hole of the hydraulic pulverizer to the pin hole of the excavator, make it match, then insert the pin, fix it, and prevent it from swinging at will, then connect two oil pipes, and push the control valve back and forth to open and close. Hydraulic crushing pliers for crushing work.