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What are the advantages of excavator parallel bar hydraulic shears

Published by HuiTong 2024-05-16

The characteristics and advantages of the excavator parallel bar hydraulic shears:


The excavator parallel bar hydraulic shears are made of high-strength wear-resistant plates, which are high in strength and light in weight and have large openings; high-pressure and large-diameter oil cylinders are equipped with piston cylinder sheaths, which provide great power and avoid damage to the piston rods; the two scissor plates are equipped with The synchronous device realizes synchronous opening and closing, and the blade is made of high-toughness and high-strength steel, which cuts iron like mud.


excavator parallel bar hydraulic shears


The whole excavator parallel bar hydraulic shears can be hydraulically rotated 360 degrees to improve the working ability. The special speed-increasing valve design can increase the working speed and penetrate the complex structure with huge shearing force. The steel structure of H and I type can also be sheared and dismantled. The service is convenient and the wearing parts are easy to replace. The shear blade can be easily replaced on the construction site, and it can be used on all sides to give full play to the use value of the blade.


excavator parallel bar hydraulic shears


The excavator parallel bar hydraulic shears is a modification of an excavator and is installed on the excavator for use. Make it a mobile quick dismantling machine that can cut and disassemble various scrap steels and scrap cars. It is used for dismantling scrap cars, demolition of steel structure of workshops, demolition of ships, shearing of steel bars, steel, tanks, pipes and other scrap steels. This kind of scissors is suitable for different operations, including the demolition of steel structures, the processing of scrap steel and other projects. It can cut iron materials, steel, tanks, pipes, etc. Some operation costs, improve the production efficiency of the original operation, reduce the high loss of materials caused by oxygen cutting, and the cost is lower.