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Selection and replacement of excavators hydraulic oil

Published by HuiTong 2023-12-20

According to statistics, about 70% of the failures of the hydraulic system of excavators are caused by improper selection of excavators hydraulic oil, careless use and untimely replacement. Therefore, the correct and reasonable selection and replacement of hydraulic oil is an important condition for exerting the working performance and economic performance of the excavator and prolonging the service life of the hydraulic system and its components.

Generally, the hydraulic equipment manufacturer stipulates the type, grade and viscosity level of the excavators hydraulic oil used in the equipment system in the equipment manual or user manual. The user should first select the hydraulic oil according to the equipment manufacturer's recommendation.

However, there are also many occasions where the working conditions and use environment of the system used by the user are different from those specified by the equipment manufacturer, and they need to choose hydraulic oil by themselves.


excavators hydraulic oil


We Huitong summarized some information and believed that it can generally be selected according to the following principles: 

1. Environmental conditions:

According to the environmental temperature characteristics of the excavator in the underground, water, indoor, outdoor, cold area, or in the severe cold area with large temperature changes, and whether there is a high temperature heat source or an open flame nearby, the excavators hydraulic oil is reasonably selected.

2. Working conditions:

Oil pump type, working pressure, temperature, speed, system operation cycle and working characteristics, etc.

If the working conditions have higher requirements on the speed of the actuator, the system pressure and the accuracy of the action of the mechanism, the requirements on the wear resistance and bearing capacity of the hydraulic oil are also higher. According to the possible working temperature of the system, the continuous operation time and the sanitation of the working environment, etc., the viscosity, high temperature performance and thermal stability of the oil must be paid attention to when selecting oil, so as to reduce the formation and deposition of sludge, etc.

3. Fuel tank size:

The smaller the fuel tank, the higher the requirements for the oil's anti-oxidative stability, extreme pressure and wear resistance, air release and filterability.


excavators hydraulic oil


4. Hydraulic parts:

Different hydraulic components have a minimum configuration requirement for the excavators hydraulic oil used. Therefore, when selecting hydraulic oil, attention should be paid to the type of hydraulic components and their compatibility with the hydraulic oil such as seals and coatings or paints to ensure that each movement The auxiliary lubrication is good, so that the components can reach the design life and meet the performance requirements.

5. Properties of hydraulic oil:

Check its supply, viscosity, quality, use characteristics, scope of application, and compatibility with system and component materials to see if each index can fully meet the use requirements.

6. Economy:

It is necessary to comprehensively consider the price and service life of excavators hydraulic oil, as well as the maintenance and safe operation cycle of the hydraulic system, and focus on brands with good economic benefits.