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Quick replacement method of excavator oil seal kit

Published by HuiTong 2023-12-20

The replacement of the excavator oil seal kit in the central rotary joint and the oil seal in the boom cylinder on the excavator is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and cannot be quickly replaced and repaired in the field due to the limitations of the site and equipment. In practice, a set of fast methods for such excavator oil seal kit have been explored, which can improve work efficiency by 15 to 20 times.


excavator oil seal kit


1. Replacement of the oil seal of the central rotary joint

(1) First unscrew the relevant fixing screws, then drag the lower transmission box with a liftable hydraulic trolley, and rotate it to a certain angle, let the trolley lower back, and drag the lower transmission box to one side.


(2) Use the oil breaker to cut off the oil return pipe (to avoid a large amount of hydraulic oil flowing out along the core when pulling out the core of the central rotary joint). Unscrew the 4 fixing screws on the oil distribution pan.


(3) Hang the iron hooks on both sides of the tensioner on the two symmetrical oil pipe joints on both sides of the core; then use the jack to support the vertical drive shaft, and the core can be pulled out while the jack is raised, and the oil pipe on it can be replaced. Oil seal.


(4) Use the top sleeve to drag the core of the central rotary joint, and then use a 1.5t jack to push the core back to its original position, and the other parts can be reassembled in the reverse order of disassembly.


The whole process only needs to be operated by one person (also can work together), and there is no need to disassemble any oil pipe. The liftable hydraulic trolley can be refitted with a horizontal jack, or the existing trolley can be used, and the oil breaker can be replaced by a fire glue clip, and the tensioner can be made by yourself. A jack will do it. The whole operation does not require other auxiliary equipment, and the tools used are also very simple, which is especially suitable for quick repairs on the construction site.


2. Replacement of boom cylinder oil seal

The boom cylinder oil is heavy, and the replacement of the oil seal can be completed in a relatively short time if it is carried out in a qualified maintenance workshop, but in the field, it is quite difficult without lifting equipment and a single person operation. . The method I summed up requires only one chain hoist, four wire ropes of varying lengths, and other related tools.


excavator oil seal kit


The specific steps :

(1) First stop the excavator, put the stick to the bottom, lower the boom, and flatten the bucket to the ground.


(2) Put the wire rope on the boom, the short wire rope on the upper end of the boom cylinder, hook the two wire ropes with the iron hooks at both ends of the hand hoist, and then tighten the iron chain.


(3) Pull out the pin on the head of the piston rod of the boom cylinder, remove the inlet and outlet pipes, and place the boom cylinder on the platform.


(4) Remove the circlips and keys on the boom cylinder, plug the rubber strips in the card grooves, and fit the stick arm that is at the same height as the boom cylinder and the piston rod pin hole of the boom cylinder. The steel wire ropes are respectively connected with the chain hoist, and then the iron chain is tightened, and the piston rod can be pulled out.


(5) Replace the excavator oil seal kit, and then reassemble it in the reverse order of disassembly. If three people work together, it only takes about 10 minutes to complete.