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Do you know how to maintain the long reach fronts is the best

Published by HuiTong 2024-05-16

Excavator long reach fronts is a large-scale equipment commonly used in water conservancy project construction, river excavation, subway construction and other projects. The excavator is equipped with a long arm between the fuselage support and the working arm, and the long arm is connected by the crude oil tank bracket. In addition, the working arm cylinder and the excavating bucket cylinder are added to the long arm, and a set is correspondingly added inside and outside the cab. The cylinder control system, in conjunction with the telescopic operation of the boom cylinder and bucket cylinder, expands the excavation range and has great practical value, but do you know how to maintain the long arm of the excavator to give full play to its advantages?


long reach fronts


The long reach fronts of the excavator is not only highly mechanized, the construction organization is simple, the construction efficiency is high, the construction progress is fast, and the quality requirements are high to better ensure the quality of the project. The operation range is wide. The long reach fronts of the excavator can be laid in other hard-to-reach places. To meet various construction requirements, but how do we do maintenance work? When servicing the excavator, check the amount of fuel in the fuel tank, add enough fuel as needed, check the fuel pipe, pipe joints and filter of the fuel tank, check the oil level of the oil pan, and place the machine in a horizontal position. The oil level should be between the upper and lower lines of the oil dipstick, if it is not enough, add enough. If the oil level is too high, check the oil pipes, pipe joints and filters. If there is a leak, check the joints of the intake pipe and exhaust pipe. If there is an air leak, clean the discharge port of the filter dust discharge valve.


long reach fronts


Remember to always check the tightness of all parts of the long reach fronts of the excavator, and the connection should be tight and reliable. If we do a good job in daily maintenance, we can improve the performance of the product so that it can play its advantages. So everything needs to be maintained, even large-scale equipment. Has your excavator been maintained today?