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What are the structures of the excavator hydraulic pulverizer

Published by HuiTong 2023-12-20

Excavator hydraulic pulverizer (crushing and demolition pliers) are engineering tools for separating reinforced concrete, also known as hydraulic crushing pliers. They are composed of pliers body, hydraulic cylinder, movable jaw and fixed jaw. Provide power for the hydraulic cylinder, so that the movable jaw and the fixed jaw of the hydraulic crushing pliers can be combined together to achieve the effect of crushing objects.



The structure of excavator hydraulic pulverizer:

Clamp body, oil cylinder, upper jaw clamp and lower jaw clamp; the lower jaw clamp is fixed on the front part of the clamp body, the upper jaw clamp is movably connected to the front part of the clamp body through a pin, the top of the upper jaw clamp is provided with an oil cylinder oil hole, and the oil cylinder runs through the upper jaw clamp and the clamp body , the top of the pliers is provided with oil pipe loading and unloading holes, the top of the lower jaw is provided with front crushing teeth, lower small teeth and tooth cutters in sequence from the outside to the inside; bite each other. Both the upper jaw and the lower jaw of the hydraulic crushing pliers of the utility model are provided with crushing teeth, which can crush concrete blocks with high hardness and large volume, and the crushing effect is good.



Crushers Alligator teeth are specially shaped to wedge and pulverize hard concrete blocks for rapid crushing. The jaw teeth are very strong and have high wear resistance. The design of the large opening of the excavator hydraulic pulverizer can bite larger diameter beams, making the work easier and more convenient. The inner side can be equipped with a steel bar cutter, which can cut the exposed steel bars while crushing concrete, and directly demolish buildings, houses and other buildings, making the crushing operation more efficient. The alligator clamp has a wide opening and a large bite force, which is suitable for various tonnage excavators.



Excavator hydraulic pulverizer are widely used in static demolition and non-destructive crushing of reinforced concrete. Different connecting plates can be selected according to the thickness of the crushed object to meet various construction requirements.