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Excavator hydraulic piston leaks, the consequences are very serious

Published by HuiTong 2023-12-20

Friends who are engaged in construction machinery must often be troubled by the problem of oil leakage from the hydraulic cylinder. For excavators, once the excavator hydraulic piston leaks oil, there will be slow lifting and insufficient digging force. So what are the reasons for the oil leakage of the excavator hydraulic piston? What should we pay attention to when using excavators to avoid oil leakage of hydraulic cylinders?


hydraulic piston


1. External leakage

1. The damage of the seal between the extension end of the piston rod and the piston rod is mostly caused by the pulling of the excavator hydraulic piston, and it is also caused by aging.

2. The seal between the extended end of the piston rod and the cylinder liner is damaged. This is mostly caused by the long-term use of the seal and the aging of the seal. There are also many of the seals that are squeezed and damaged when the upper end cover is too hard. There are many domestic manufacturers of hydraulic cylinders. The manufacturer's design is unreasonable. In most cases, the manufacturer is to save costs.

3. The cracking of the oil cylinder inlet and outlet pipe joints will also lead to the leakage of the hydraulic oil cylinder.

4. Oil leakage caused by defects on the cylinder block or cylinder end cover.

5. The piston rod is pulled and grooved, and there are pits and so on.

6. The deterioration of the lubricating oil causes the temperature of the oil cylinder to rise abnormally, which promotes the aging of the sealing ring.

7. Oil leakage caused by the use of often exceeding the pressure range of the oil cylinder.


2.Internal leakage

1. The wear ring on the piston is severely worn, causing friction between the piston and the cylinder liner, and finally straining the cylinder liner, piston and seal.

2. Long-term use of the seal fails, and the piston seal (mostly U, V, Y-ring, etc.) ages.

3. The hydraulic oil is dirty, and a large amount of impurities enter the oil cylinder to wear the piston seal to the worst, usually iron filings or other foreign objects.


Excavator hydraulic piston


Precautions for the use of excavator hydraulic piston

1. During normal use, we should pay attention to protecting the outer surface of the piston rod to prevent damage to the seal from bumps and scratches.

Always clean the dust on the oil cylinder dynamic seal dust ring and the exposed piston rod to prevent the difficult-to-clean dirt sticking on the surface of the piston rod from entering the cylinder, thereby causing damage to the piston, cylinder barrel or seal.

2. In normal use, pay attention to frequently check the connection parts such as threads and bolts, and tighten them immediately if they are loose. Looseness in these places will also cause oil leakage from the hydraulic cylinder.

3. Lubricate the joint parts frequently to prevent corrosion or abnormal wear in oil-free state. Especially for some parts with rust phenomenon, it should be dealt with in time to avoid oil leakage of hydraulic cylinder due to rust.

4. During normal maintenance, the hydraulic oil should be replaced regularly, and the system filter should be cleaned in time to ensure the cleanliness of the hydraulic oil, which also plays a very important role in prolonging the service life of the hydraulic cylinder.

5. During normal work, pay attention to control the temperature of the system, because the oil temperature is too high will reduce the service life of the seal, and the long-term high oil temperature will cause the seal to be permanently deformed, and in severe cases, the seal will fail.

6. Usually, every time we use it, we need to conduct a trial run of full extension and full retraction for 3-5 strokes before starting work. The purpose of this is to exhaust the air in the system and preheat each system, so as to effectively avoid the existence of air or water in the system and cause gas explosion in the cylinder block, which will damage the seals and cause leakage in the cylinder, etc. Fault.

Summary: The excavator hydraulic piston is a very important object in the hydraulic system. Once the hydraulic cylinder leaks oil, it will cause the machine to lift slowly and dig weakly, which will seriously affect the work efficiency. In this society where time is money, I believe this is something that many friends do not want to see. Then please be kind to your hydraulic cylinder.