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1.5m³ Excavator Heavy Duty Bucket for EC

Large bucket capacity, and large open area. Diamond folded top section for greater structural strength. Overlapping plate reduces stresses in critical areas.

Product Specification:
  • Material : Alloy,High-strength alloy
  • Code : Q355b,NM360,HARDOX-500
  • Hardness:163-187,360,470-500 :
  • Extension : 21%,16%,8%
  • Bend Intensity(N/mm2) : 355,1020,1300
  • Drag and extension intensity(N/mm2) : 470-660,1200
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Product Details

1.5m³ Excavator Heavy Duty Bucket


Production Description

The Excavator Heavy Duty bucket is made of 16Mn steel, Chinese Q355b, with thicker plate and wearable parts( Bottom reinforced plates, side guard board, segments between bucket teeth. etc. ). It is available in a wide range of capacity and shape, according to customers' request. Our recommended application includes: volume loading for packed ground, tough clay, loose dirt and some mixture of rock (relevently harsh working condition).


1.5m³ Excavator Heavy Duty Bucket


1.5m³ Excavator Heavy Duty Bucket


1.5m³ Excavator Heavy Duty Bucket



1. Thickening plate and wear part;


2. Delta or straight cutting edge;


3. Bolt-on or welded Segments between teeth(Optional);


4. Lateral bolt-on or welded protectors ;


5. Internal wear package made by strips, bended plate, or double layer plate;


6. External wear protection by heel shroud, chocky bar, wear button, double layer plate;


7. Homologated hook;


8. Buckets can be connected with either direct fit or quick coupling.


General Arrangement Drawing


1.5m³ Excavator Heavy Duty Bucket

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