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Daily maintenance of excavator hydraulic cylinder

Published by HuiTong 2024-05-16

The hydraulic system needs to be stable and reliable. The working principle of the hydraulic system is to rely on hydraulic oil as the power transmission medium, pressurize the hydraulic oil through the main pump, and transfer it to each working device through the conversion of the control valve to perform work, which plays a key role in the energy transmission of the whole machine.


excavator hydraulic cylinder


In order to achieve precise control and stable performance, the hydraulic components must be precise, and the oil quality and cleanliness are extremely demanding. Therefore, we specially set up oil filter and oil return filter in the hydraulic system. Just like the human liver can eliminate harmful substances in the blood, the hydraulic filter can remove impurities in the system to ensure the normal operation of the hydraulic system. If there is a lack of effective filtration by the hydraulic filter element, impurities will directly enter the hydraulic system and accelerate the wear of the hydraulic components, resulting in insufficient system pressure and abnormal operation, which will eventually lead to the failure of the vehicle to be constructed and overhauled in advance, resulting in unnecessary repair costs and downtime losses.


The special hydraulic oil for excavator hydraulic cylinder, the filter housing is firm, and the filter hole size is uniform. Filter paper and end cap: The first and last pleats of the filter paper are coagulated with special high-temperature resistant filter paper glue, the sealing is complete, and the filter paper is arranged neatly and evenly. When high temperature and high pressure hydraulic oil flows through, the filter paper is not easy to float sideways, ensuring the flow and filtering effect.


excavator hydraulic cylinder


Daily maintenance points of excavator hydraulic cylinder:

1. Hydraulic oil should be replaced regularly during the use of the excavator hydraulic cylinder, and the system filter should be cleaned to ensure cleanliness and prolong service life.


2. Each time the excavator hydraulic cylinder is used, it is necessary to carry out a test run of full extension and full retraction for 5 strokes and then run with load. This can exhaust the air in the system, preheat each system, and effectively avoid the existence of air or water in the system, which will cause gas explosion (or scorch) in the cylinder block, which will damage the seals and cause leakage in the cylinder. wait for failure.


3. Control the temperature of the system well. If the oil temperature is too high, the service life of the seal will be reduced, and the long-term high oil temperature will cause the seal to be permanently deformed or even fail completely.


4. Protect the outer surface of the piston rod to prevent damage to the seals caused by bumps and scratches. Always clean the dust ring of the oil cylinder dynamic seal and the sediment on the exposed piston rod to prevent the difficult to clean up sticking on the surface of the piston rod. Dirt entering the inside of the cylinder damages the piston, cylinder barrel or seals.


5. Frequently check the connection parts such as threads and bolts, and tighten them immediately if they are found to be loose.


6. Always lubricate the joint parts to prevent corrosion or abnormal wear in the oil-free state.