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Mr.Mehta, Owner, Malaysia

Published by HuiTong 2023-12-20

Mr. Mehta is the owner of a re-saling business for excavator attachments in Malaysia. He has being in the industry for years, and started his sourcing experience in China for a long time.


Communication is the most important part when doing business overseas. We need to make sure that we all have a very clearly idea about the information offered from each one of us. And everytime we send the order to our production department, we will double check the order details so that there would not be any mistakes happened in the process of sending orders. However, even though we pay such a big attention to the details of communication, one mistakes still occured with Mr.Mehta's order.


We forget to change our logo to Mr.Mehta's, and Mehta was assuming that we will do the same like his previous order. So he didn't remind us also. It was very intense at that time between us. No one wants this type of things happened. At the end, we took our responsibility and bear half of the cost for rebuilding those buckets in the local factory. Moreover, our partnership still maintain in a good level after this mistakes. And we communicated with more details afterwards.


We are always aiming for building long-term partnerships with our customers, and be their most reliable supplier.


After acquired the permission from Mr.Mehta, we will post some of our chat record below