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Mr.Dmitry, Owner, Russia

Published by HuiTong 2024-05-16

Mr.Dmitry is the owner of a construction company which required booms&arms and attachments for his own used and also selling them to some of his customers.


We were been told by Dmitry frequently that what he admire the most about us is our handling of the details. And we do pay lots of attention to our products' details. Everytime Mr.Dmitry came to China, he will visit our factory, even though, we have being cooperating for years. No matter how busy we were, we must leave half-day to walk around with Mr.Dmitry on our workshop, exchange market insights and taste traditional local food. 


We know Mr.Dmitry cares about the quality most. It doesn't matter if the products were for his own used or for his customers' order, the quality must maintain in a high level. It's also the way to show Mr.Dmitry our factory's mature production management and quality control system. We will talk about lots of details when we walking through the production line. And he always told us that he is very happy to see a supplier maintain their quality in such a high level for years. In fact, we are having different quality control standards for different markets. And the standards are all rising faster or slower.


In 2018, Mr.Dmitry started expending his business to Europe market, which required an even higher quality standard. We immediately organized meeting with the management team, and decided to follow up with Mr.Dmitry's new quality standard. We are very glad to have such a customer who cares more about the quality rather than sticking with the prices, as our strategic partner.


After acquired the permission from Mr.Dmitry, we will post some of our chat record below: