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Professional excavator parts manufacturer

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Used or Brand New Products in stock. Check it out Very competitive price with good condition ready to go at any time.

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 Excavator Attachments

Excavator Attachments

High quality Excavator Attachments including: Ripper Grapple Quick Coupler Orange Peel Grab Vibratory Hammer Stone hydraulic pulverizer. etc. Most attachments are available in 7-10 days.

 Excavator Attachments
Customizing Parts

Customizing Parts

HT Customizing Parts including: Dipper Extension Standard Boom&Arm Long Reach High Reachh Demolition Rock Boom Shortening Boom Pilling Boom. etc.

Customizing Parts


Different types of Excavator Buckets are available including: General Purpose Bucket Heavy Duty Bucket Severe Duty Bucket Thumb Bucket Skeleton Bucket Clam-Shell Bucket Ditching Bucket Tilting Bucket. etc



Professional excavator parts manufacturer

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Professional excavator parts manufacturer

Superior Quality

We import all steels from CSG(The biggest steel manufacturer in the southeast part of China) with all inspection reports making sure the quality of our main raw material. We also form an experienced QC team working in compliance with ISO standards to make sure the quality from raw material inspecting to final goods inspecting.

Competitive Lead Time

We've built a team of 4 that only deal with rush orders. Normal size attachments are available within 7 days(Including Saturday and Sunday) mostly. Please be aware that once the order proceeded as Rush Order it will have to be sending out on time when finished otherwise we will charge fees for placing them in the factory.

Fast Delivery

Our factory is located in Guangzhou China where a mature logistic system has been built for many years. It's near Guangzhou Port Nansha Port Huangpu Port Shenzhen Port. etc. Moreover we have formed a team specializing in packing the products into containers to make sure we could fit as much as products into it and lowering the freight cost for our customers.

Mature Experience

We hire welders with ABS CSC certification. Every employee in the welding position was required to have at least 1-year excavator attachments' welding experience. Our QC team has been built since 2014 they are pretty familiar with our products and the production process. Moreover 40% of our employees start working at the company since the very beginning. And also we have a senior tech team of 6 people to make sure we could fully understand what you needed and provide technical supports in all the way we could. All in all our employees know how to get this job done well.

Reasonable Price

We are a professional factory with self-exporting certification instead of a trading company that earning profits from price differentiation which lower the cost of our customers. Moreover even though we use high-level raw materials and accessories(Such as German Technology Cooper Sets Phosphating Tube High-Level Steels High-Level Bucket teeth. etc.) we still aim for building long-term relationships with our customers by taking only a small piece of "cake" to help our customers state strongly on the market.

Visable Production Process

It's important that being honest with the customers about our production process and their orders' production status. Unlike some other "factories" that like hiding their production process Our production process is fully opened(From the CNC Cutting to Final painting packing) to our customers. Just ask the salesperson and they will routinely provide photos video or arrange video calls for you to check on your orders' production process.


Professional excavator parts manufacturer

Guangzhou Huitong Machinery Co., Ltd

Huitong Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer focusing on excavator attachment and customizing parts manufacturing. Located in Guangzhou, China. The company was found in 2010. In the past ten years, we supply products to companies like Sany, Kato, Hyundai, Komatsu. etc in China, with competitive prices and high quality. In 2014, we acquired ISO certification; in 2018, we acquired national high&new tech company certification and got funding from the government; in 2019, we are one of the ten founders of the China Construction Machinery Industry Association. The current plant covers an area of about 6500 square meters, total employees goes to 60 with a senior technical team member of 6. The strategy of restricted quality control is what makes our product popular in Australia, New Zealand, South America, Japan, and most Asian countries.


Professional excavator parts manufacturer


Professional excavator parts manufacturer


Experienced Technical Team, Production Management and Service. A Total Number of 60 Employees In The Company.

  • Mr.Yuan —— Technical Team Head

    Mr.Yuan has been in the industry for ten years and earns a master degree on mechancial engieering specializing in new product development and crafts improvement.

  • Mr.Wen —— Quality Control Team Head

    Leading the quality control team on the workshop. Specializing in raw material production processing and finished good inspecting. etc. Collecting data related to internal quality issuses and assisting the production team to analysing it to improve the production process.


Professional excavator parts manufacturer


Professional excavator parts manufacturer

  • What you need to know about backhoe stump ripper


    What you need to know about backhoe stump ripper

    Backhoe stump ripper is a welded structural part, also known as tail hook. It is composed of the main board, ear board, ear seat board, bucket ears, bucket teeth, reinforcement board and other components. Some of them will add a spring steel or guard board in front of the main board to increase the wear resistance of the main board.

  • Do you really know digger concrete pulveriser


    Do you really know digger concrete pulveriser

    In addition to the common breaking hammers in many demolition construction sites, there are also various digger concrete pulveriser and hydraulic shears.

  • Chinese Excavator Attachments Manufacturer in 2019 BICES Exhibition


    Chinese Excavator Attachments Manufacturer in 2019 BICES Exhibition

    On September 4, the 15th China (Beijing) International Construction Machinery, Building Material Machinery and Mining Machinery Exhibition and Technology Exchange Conference (referred to as "BICES 2019") was grandly opened in the new hall of Chi

  • What's The Difference Between 3 Section Rock Boom and 2 Section Rock Boom?


    What's The Difference Between 3 Section Rock Boom and 2 Section Rock Boom?

    We have receiving many counsulting from our customers about our new designed 2-Section Rock Boom, so called "the ripper boom". I will explain the difference of those two types of Rock Boom in this article.   Huitong New Designed Rock

  • Excavator with Telescopic Arm Attachment Used in Villages


    Excavator with Telescopic Arm Attachment Used in Villages

    "Construction follows the plan, Living environment changes your daily life". This type of slogan is everywhere in the Namin Village, Natao Township, Bama County. As the environment renovation policies under going in the Chinese Villages, Namin V

  • Choose the high quality Telescopic Arm at the right time


    Choose the high quality Telescopic Arm at the right time

    With its simple installation method, it can cooperate with multiple models (such as CAT; KOMATSU; HITACH and KOBELCO) and various front-end devices to cope with different situations.

  • How important is an high efficient excavator attachments


    How important is an high efficient excavator attachments

    In life, you can see that an excavator can independently perform a series of cable laying operations such as trenching, logging, cable laying, backfilling, and compaction by changing different work efficient excavator attachments. Replacing different high-efficiency excavator attachments alone undertakes many tasks such as road milling, cutting, crushing, eradicating, repairing, and compacting.

  • Essential for excavator high efficient quick coupler


    Essential for excavator high efficient quick coupler

    The high-efficiency quick ccoupler is born to adapt, also known as the high-efficiency quick-change joint. It is installed at the front end of the excavator working device, which can realize the replacement of various excavator attachments without manual disassembly of the pin shaft, so that the excavator can be expanded.

  • Why is your hard heavy duty bucket not durable?


    Why is your hard heavy duty bucket not durable?

      The hard heavy duty bucket is the most important working weapon of the excavator, and it is inseparable from all kinds of excavation operations. However, in the actual work process, many excavator drivers will have irregular operating behaviors, which will shorten the service life of the excavator.

  • How to maintain the wear resistant rock bucket of excavators


    How to maintain the wear resistant rock bucket of excavators

    As the saying goes: "Workers must first sharpen their tools if they want to do well!" Not to mention that there are dozens of different types of buckets for you to choose from in the market for different working conditions, just maintain your existing digging Do you believe that it can increase construction efficiency and control construction costs?

  • How the ever-changing excavator saves lives


    How the ever-changing excavator saves lives

    Although the ever-changing excavators have no flesh and blood and look so cold, they are so warm and reassuring when these situations arise. But no one remembered them, no one thanked them, and no one knew what these lovely big guys were.

  • How does the high-efficiency hydraulic vibration piling hammer work?


    How does the high-efficiency hydraulic vibration piling hammer work?

    It is powered by hydraulic pressure, has the advantages of high impact frequency, large impact skills, low vibration during construction, low noise, no disturbance to the people, novel design, small size, and convenient transportation.


Professional excavator parts manufacturer


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